Solidarische Landwirtschaft international

Hugo kommt aus Lille, Frankreich und fragt sich, wie Solidarische Landwirtschaft im internationalen Kontext aussehen kann.

Did you say solidarische Landwirtschaft?

In France we know « Solidarische Landwirtschaft» as the « association pour le maintien d‘une agriculture paysanne » or « AMAP ». AMAP is a partnership between a group of consumers and a local cultivation. The partnership is fixed in an official contract. The consumer pays at the onset of the growing season for a share of the anticipated harvest and gets fresh, seasonal and organic vegetables. The price is fair for farmers and consumers as they are directly connected. Furthermore the risk of any loss is shared.

How can such an AMAP look like?

Near Lille, in the north of France, Vascq‘Amap is an AMAP located in Villeneuve d‘Acsq. Created in september 2010, the first distribution took place in June 2011. This AMAP distributes vegetables every week. Furthermore there are existing two partnerships: with a bio-baker, Les Vergers de Chorette and with les Givrés d‘Oranges for bulk orders of citrus from Sicily. Additional to the delivery of products, many workshops and visits are organised to involve consumers into the farm development.

What’s up in other countries?
In English « Solidarische Landwirtschaft » is called CSA (Community-Supported-Agriculture). This is exactly the same concept as AMAP. The term CSA is mostly used in Canada and US since the 1980s and a variety of similar production and economic sub-systems are in use worldwide.

So, what’s going on in Kiel?
In Kiel the initiative following the concept is known as « Schinkeler Höfe ». In this community four farms are involved and together they offer meat, milk, vegetables and bread distributed to different locations once a week. One farm is the goat farm from Jahne (see p.13).

For other initiatives in Germany check out:

Text: Hugo
Foto: Iryna Zamuruieva

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