It´s all about creativity

Justin kommt aus Minnesota, USA und schreibt über die Macht der Kreativität.

This statement of dreams relates to today‘s societal issues and the state of political turmoil we find ourselves immersed in:
‚We hold these truths to be self-evident…‘ Imagine that. How radical of an idea it was to declare something so new, so inspiring, so humane. Granted those words were originally penned by men who may not have fully understood their meaning at time (as they were still very exclusive in how they were defined back then) but just think how powerful of a statement that must‘ve been to be quoted by some of our most influential civil rights leaders more than two centuries later. When I think back on history‘s greatest champions of peace and prosperity never do the words ‚destruction‘, ‚separation‘ or ‚elitism‘ come to mind. There‘s not any erroneous beliefs of being ‚the best‘ or of people coming across our boarders to ‚spoil our culture‘. On the contrary, it‘s all about creativity – to boldly question what is possible, to imagine living in a more peaceful world and to realize that building this community, creating this more sustainable future, is only achievable when we all come together over our differences and act as one – to live the dream our hearts truly know is attainable.

Text & Illustration: Justin Russell

Information about the artist:
Originally trained and working as an art director by trade, he wield pens, pixels and paint brushes to disseminate bold ideas. Now he studies at the University of Eastern Finland, where he‘s working on completing his Masters in Sustainability, Society and the Environment as part of the Erasmus exchange program with the University of Kiel.

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